Regulament Program Fidelitate Trickshot

Terms and Conditions for the TRICKSHOT Loyalty Program

Art. 1 – Organisers

1. The organisers are the companies

SC ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (EBD) SRL from Bucharest, 246 B Floreasca Street, registration no in the Trade Registry J40/12268/2013, fiscal code RO32317652, and registered under number 31275 to the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing (ANSPDCP), according to the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, modified and supplemented by Law no 506/2004, regarding the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, operator of Trickshot location Promenada located in Promenada Mall, 2nd floor, 246 B Floreasca Street,

SC FOOD BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (FBD) SRL, Bucharest, 246B Floreasca Road, registered with the Bucharest Trade Register Office under the Bucharest Court under no J40/1056/2017, Single Registration Code RO36989907, operator of the Trickshot Mega Mall location in 3-5 Pierre de Coubertin Blvd., Mega Mall, 2nd Floor, District 2, Bucharest and


SC TRICKSHOT ENTERTAINMENT SRL, Bucharest, 117 Toamnei Street, ground floor, ap. 2+6, sector 2, registered at the Bucharest Trade Register Office of the Bucharest Court under no. J40/18040/2021, Unique Registration Code RO45091114, operator of the Trickshot AFI Brasov location, located in AFI Brasov, 15 Noiembrie Avenue 78, level 1, Brasov


 Art. 2 – Participants

1. In the Loyalty Program, any individual with a minimum age of 12 who purchases products and services from the Trickshot Promenada, Trickshot Mega Mall and Trickshot AFI Brasov locations can register. The employees of S.C. ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (EBD) SRL, S.C. FOOD BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (FBD) SRL and S.C TRICKSHOT ENTERTAINMENT SRL are not allowed to participate to the program.


Art. 3 – Affiliated locations

1. The loyalty program can only be used within Trickshot Promenada, Trickshot Mega Mall and Trickshot AFI Brasov. This loyalty program includes all the products and services marketed by Trickshot Promenada, Trickshot Mega Mall and Trickshot AFI Brasov, except for special offers, Arcade Games, tobacco products, products for which the price was negotiated and theme events (e.g.: company party, birthday party, etc.).


Art. 4 – Duration

1. The validity period of the loyalty program is unlimited.

2. The organizers reserve the right to end the program whenever they seem it is necessary.


Art. 5 – Validity conditions

1. To become a member and benefit from Trickshot Fidelity Program, the Client must simultaneously meet the following conditions:

a) To download the "Trickshot" app on his/her phone/tablet.

b) The Client must meet the conditions of Article 2 (1).

c) The client must fill in the Trickshot Loyalty Program form with the following information: surname and name, e-mail, telephone number, birthdate, the area in which he/she resides.

d) The form is available in the Trickshot application and on The conditions of use of this information are addressed in Article 8 of these Terms and Conditions.

e) The program can be used and the Client accumulates/spends points when he/she activates in the application, either the existing card or a virtual card.

f) The loyalty program has an unlimited validity period but the accumulated points have a 365-days validity period from the date of accumulation. Accumulated bonuses or unpaid cash outs within 365 calendar days from the date of their accumulation will be void.

g) The organizer will delete the accounts from the database that have completed 365 days of inactivity since the last transaction registered in one of the Trickshot locations.

Inactivity means no commercial activity registered during the established analysis period. That is, if a user tries to log in in his account after 366 days, the account will no longer exist in our system and the Client/User should register a new account to use the Loyalty Program.


Art. 6 – Grant and use

A. Grant:

1. Activating the program in the Trickshot application can be done at any time by downloading the app from the "Play Store"/"App Store" and filling in the necessary data to open the account. Each purchase of products and services at Trickshot Promenada, Trickshot Mega Mall and Trickshot AFI Brasov locations, on the account of the enrolled client, will be transferred as points the bonus associated with it, calculated as a percentage of the value of the receipt.

2. The value of a point is 1 leu, both for accumulation and for redemption.

3. The points can be redeemed from the next visit after the points are accumulated.

4. For bowling and billiards, the bonus granted is 20% and for the restaurant and bar services, the bonus granted is 10%. The bonus is granted by scanning the payment bill in the application at the time of payment (issuing the receipt). For example, for a value of the bill of 1,000 lei for services offered by a restaurant or a bar, the amount of accumulated points that can be used for the next purchase is 100 lei (1000 lei * 10% = 100 lei), i.e. 100 points. For a value of 1,000 lei for bowling and billiards, the amount of accumulated points that can be used for the next purchase is 200 lei (1000 lei * 20% = 200 lei), i.e. 200 points. The points thus obtained may be spent to partially or wholly redeem a further product purchased later in the affiliated locations within 365 calendar days from the date of their accumulation.

5. The client is refunded the bonus as points in the amount of the bill, regardless of the means of payment used - cash, card, bank transfer

6. The client can always consult the number of accumulated points and transactions history by entering the personal account from the "Trickshot" application or on the website, under My Account.

B. Use:

7. Depending on the Client's option, the accumulated points from the purchase bonuses can be used from the next purchase or can be accumulated in the account. If the Client pays a full bill with points from the account, he/she will not receive the bonus on that purchase. If the payment of the bill is partially made with the previously accumulated points, the Client will receive points only for the amount paid in lei. In the case of account transfer payments, the bonus will be transferred after the full payment of the outstanding balance for the purchased products.

8. The benefit of the Loyalty Program cannot be combined with other loyalty programs or other offers and promotions. In such cases, the client will have to choose a benefit that he/she wants to be given.

9. The client enrolled in the program may at any time waive inclusion in the Loyalty Program by uninstalling the application. For the definitive deletion of the information in the Trickshot database, he/she must make a request in writing, in accordance with Article 9 of these Terms and Conditions.


Art. 7 – Terms and Conditions of the Trickshot Loyalty Program

1. Every account registered in the "Trickshot" application of the Loyalty Program is unique and attributable to one person. The Beneficiary must complete the Trickshot Loyalty Program form, with the following information: the ID Card (if the Client is already enrolled in the Program), surname and name, e-mail address, telephone number, birthdate, residence. The form is available in the Trickshot application and on the website, under My Account section.

2. If, following verification, the information is incomplete or incorrect, the Organizers have the right to block that account. The organizers cannot be held responsible for the use of the account by persons other than those listed in the Trickshot Loyalty Program.

3. The Organizers are not responsible for the points spent on those accumulated on the card during the period up to the announcement of the disappearance or theft of the phone, tablet or physical card.

4. The accumulated bonus may be consumed within 365 calendar days from the date of their accumulation.

5. The improper or fraudulent use of the Trickshot Loyalty Program by his/her owner results in the account being closed and excluded from the Loyalty Program.

6. The points accrued in your account have no commercial value. No cash can be given at the equivalent of the points accumulated in the Client's account.

7. For more information, please contact us at

8. The Loyalty Program Trickshot is not a lottery, with each member receiving a bonus for every note paid at the restaurant, bar, bowling and billiards. Arcade Games are excluded from this loyalty program because the bonus is included in the commercial set-up of the games.


Art. 8 – Personal data

1. By activating an account in the Trickshot application (by default, accessing the Trickshot Loyalty Program), the Client allows the Organizers to access the following personal information:

  • E-mail address - we need it for creating your account and for all the communication, including booking confirmations.
  • Birthday - we need it to check if you have the minimum age required by law to receive information about promotions addressing alcohol drinks (at least 18 years old, in accordance with current legislation) and for developing customized promotions.
  • Phone number - we need it to contact you for any last-minute modifications on your bookings.
  • Home area - we need it as identification criteria when you will contact us for details regarding your Trickshot Account and for creating customized promotions.
  • Visit history to Trickshot locations - we need it as a back-up check of your rewards granting.
  • Facebook Public Profile - when choosing to access the App by using your Facebook profile, the application only has access to your name and e-mail address mentioned in the Facebook public profile.

2. All personal information will be deleted from our database when the Client decides to cancel the account from the Trickshot application. In order to do this, a written request from the Client is required to explicitly mention the wish to delete the personal information from the Trickshot database. The request can also be sent by e-mail at . The client will go through an identification process and then the request will be processed within 15 days.

3. The application personal account cannot work without access to this information. The client understands and accepts that the request to delete personal information from the Trickshot database will also result in the closing of his/her personal account, implicitly the impossibility to access the benefits of the Trickshot Loyalty Program unless he/she opens another personal account.

4. The Client acknowledges and agrees that in order to access information related to his/her personal account by a method other than accessing the application on his/her phone or tablet, he/she will have to go through an identification process to provide personal information. This information will not be used for any purpose other than validation of its identity by the appointed representative of the Organizer for that purpose.


 Art. 9 – Operational communication and commercial communication

1. The Organizers use the Client's personal data for operational communication related to the Client's activity in the Trickshot application for which they do not need additional Client permissions. He can request the interruption of the operational communication at any time, but is aware that this leads to the permanent closure of his personal account in the Trickshot Application.

2. Commercial communication from the Organizer addressed to the Client at its email address or/and telephone number will be in accordance with the Client's permissions in the Trickshot application settings.  


Art. 10 – Other Clauses 

1. The organizers reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions for the duration of the Trickshot Loyalty Program without prior notice.

2. For any other information or concerns, please contact the Marketing Department at

3. These Terms and Conditions are available to customers at, under My Account section.